Sensorische Bewertung der Weine, Untersuchung zum Vermarktungs-potential, Kundenansprüche und Entwicklung von Strategien zur Marktplatzierung

Projektleiterin/ Projektleiter

Projektstart: 01.11.2018
Projektende: 31.10.2022


The project initiates a reorientation of viticulture in steep slope vineyard in Württemberg. This is based synergistically on alternative grape varieties and the creation of a marketing concept as well as a common market presence for high quality wines. For an innovative strategy for adaptation to climate change, high-quality grape varieties are examined for their climatic suitability in the terraced areas of the Neckar valley by replanting. At the same time, the requirement profile of the new wine type to safeguard the marketing potential and to improve competitiveness in the upper price segment is ensured by consumer testing and by involving wine distributors. The project opens up new value creation potential and secures jobs in viticulture. It supports the preservation of the wine culture landscape, takes ecological aspects into account by including desease-tolerant grape varieties and minimizes risk for the winegrowers. It takes on a pilot function for an adequate viticulture in steep slopes. The project aims to encourage wine producers to switch to alternative grape varieties on steep slopes.

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