Some Fundamental Facts about the Wine Market in China

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Autorenliste: Zeng L., Szolnoki G.
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2017
Buchtitel: The Wine Value Chain in China : Consumers, Marketing, and the Wider World
Herausgeber*in: R. Capitello et al.
Serientitel: Elsevier Asian studies series
Erste Seite: 15
Letzte Seite: 36
ISBN: 978-0-08-100754-9
DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-08-100754-9.00002-7
Sprachen: Englisch
Peer reviewed


This chapter provides a funnel view of the Chinese wine market from 2005 to the present day. The illustration starts with a macro assessment of the political, economic, social and technological factors; discusses the alcoholic drink market and further explores the wine market before finishing with a snapshot of the import wine sector, based on secondary research. In the early years of the reviewed decade, China’s wine market impressed the globe with double-digit growth, thanks to the fast-growing Chinese economy and the push of political strategies such as the Four Changes. In the final years of the reviewed period, it transited into a shuffling phase initiated by the shock of the anti-corruption campaign and the slow-down of economic growth. Now the Chinese wine market shows a trend of recovery driven by the rise of the affluent upper-middle class and digital innovations in communication and sales channels. China’s wine market is entering into a new stage of growth in line with China’s economy.

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