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Wine tourism and associated expectancies of German consumers = Weintourismus und damit einhergehenden Erwartungshaltungen in Deutschland

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Author list: Rüdiger J., Hanf J.H., Schweickert E.
Publication year: 2015
Book title: 38th World Congress of Vine and Wine (Part 2) : Mainz, Germany, July 5–10, 2015
Start page: 07006-p1
End page: 07006-p8
Place: Mainz
ISBN: 979-10-91799-44-7
DOI: 10.1051/oivconf/201507006
Languages: English


Wine tourism is a market with increasing attraction. Reason for this is that in the context of recreational activities and tourism wine and its production are gaining popularity among Germans.

However, the majority of tourists, for who wine is of interest during a getaway, only want to be briefly touched upon this topic. These wine tourists are mainly looking for relaxation and pleasure. Nevertheless, they are open to get to know something new and to learn something about wine.

The response on the question "which expectations has a wine tourists on the offer of a wine growing community?" shows that rather expectations can be described as classical and tradi-tional. The main expectation is that wine tourists want to have a great experience.

The marketing of a wine destination can only be successful if the community and the local wine business are cooperating. The distribution of strategic and operative tasks is depending on the financial and economical situation as well as human resources and the motivation that the participating parties have.