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Current and future trends on the market for Riesling and the potential profitability of Riesling-specialized estates

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Autorenliste: Kurth A.
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2017
Buchtitel: [Catalogue]: International Riesling Symposium 2017 29-30 May : Kloster Eberbach - Rheingau
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Ort: Eltville
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This paper
starts with an overview of the current global market for Riesling. Which
countries actually grow Riesling and what are the quantities produced by the
countries most significant for the cultivation of Riesling? Which countries
show a consumption of Riesling in significant amount? At which prices is Riesling
offered on the market? This paper initially explores these fundamental
questions and concludes with a market analysis for Riesling that focuses on the
wine estates. Looking at the global Riesling market, is it actually possible
for producers of Riesling to achieve adequate returns on their investment?