Cold chain management during transport operations of perishable food in Mexico.

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Autorenliste: Maldonado-Siman E., Yamazaki-Tanabe E., Kreyenschmidt J., Diaz-Hernandez A.
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2015
Quelle: Food Chain
Bandnummer: 5
Heftnummer: 3
Erste Seite: 145
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ISSN: 2046-1879
eISSN: 2046-1887
DOI: 10.3362/2046-1887.2015.010
Sprachen: Englisch


This paper aims to identify how cold chain management is provided
throughout the transportation of perishable food, as well as the role of
the experience and working conditions of drivers in perishable food
transportation. It draws on survey data collected from Mexican
perishable food carriers with headquarters in six major cities. The
results show the characteristics of the vehicles used to transport
perishable food by Mexican carriers and the cooling technologies
utilized by vehicles carrying different types of meat. Further, the
results elucidate the work experience and training of drivers handling
perishable products and problems related to cold chain transportation as
a major strength, while weaknesses were those reported with loading
delays and lack of widespread wireless system implementation for
temperature registration. It also provides one of the first pieces of
information on Mexico’s foodstuff transportation system, with the aim of
designing strategies for better cold chain tracking during
transportation, as a key factor in food waste reduction. It is necessary
to incorporate a greater number of participants from other geographical
areas of the country in order to get a more detailed overview and to
determine similarities and differences between regions. This study
provides baseline information for the development of appropriate
logistics strategies in cold chain management.