Retail logistics in the transition from multi-channel to omni-channel

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Abkürzung der Fachzeitschrift: IJPD & LM
Autorenliste: Hübner A., Wollenburg J., Holzapfel A.
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2016
Quelle: International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management
Bandnummer: 46
Heftnummer: 6/7
Erste Seite: 562
Letzte Seite: 583
Verlag: Emerald
ISSN: 0960-0035
eISSN: 0020-7527
DOI: 10.1108/IJPDLM-08-2015-0179
Sprachen: Englisch


It is the first study to comprehensively
analyze the logistical development options open to retailers for
integrated fulfillment. The authors discuss the conceptual development
options and formulate propositions for an advanced OC fulfillment
approach. OC retailers aim to pool their organizational units for
fulfillment via different channels. Retailers with multiple channels
develop their warehouse systems toward channel-integrated inventory
enabling flexible and demand-driven inventory allocation. Retailers with
channel-integrated inventory also organize their picking procedures in
one common zone. The higher the outlet density, the more it becomes
beneficial for retailers to introduce pick-up services.