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Modelling environment for an electrical driven selective sprayer robot in orchards

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Autorenliste: Linz A., Brunner D., Fehrmann J., Herlitzius T., Keicher R., Ruckelshausen A., Schwarz H.-P.
Jahr der Veröffentlichung: 2017
Quelle: Advances in Animal Biosciences
Bandnummer: 8
Heftnummer: 2
Erste Seite: 848
Letzte Seite: 853
Verlag: Cambridge University Press (CUP): STM Journals - No Cambridge Open
ISSN: 2040-4700
DOI: 10.1017/S2040470017000723
Sprachen: Englisch


Precise applying of PPP (Plant Protection Products) in orchards and vineyards requires new kinds of sprayer technologies and new methods of sensor data evaluation. In this paper a selective electrical driven sprayer, carried by the autonomous robotic platform elWObot, is introduced. A 3D-Simulation environment and the framework ROS (Robot Operating System) helps developing and testing the interaction between the sprayer and the robot. The calculated leaf wall area (LWA) and the distance from the sprayer to the leaves in the spray region, control the flow-rate and the air-assist of eight adjustable sprayers individually. First field trials showed that the adaption of the software from the simulation to the hardware worked as expected.